April 21, 2013

I think we can definitely call the event at Hambledon this weekend a mixed bag! 


Holly was a little superstar in the Novice, doing her dressage and show jumping on Saturday evening and scoring a 32.5 then jumping a textbook clear round.


We stayed over in the new truck for the first time on Saturday night (just me and Tom as I only had Crunchie and Holly competing) and it was great! Everything on the truck works perfectly, and to top it off the luton is super-comfy!


This morning Holly went cross country first thing. I was wearing my brand new KEP xc hat, which I will get some pictures of ASAP (it's not one to be missed!) and post on here.

But back to Holly...she flew round the course, feeling like she's been at this level for ages when really its only her 5th Novice! She gave me a great ride, and jumped huge into the second water. She finished in 6th again, which considering we still are just going for experience and education is pretty impressive!


Crunchie did a nice test as well, I'd say the quality of her work is improving, but with that there is still a little inconsistency. However, a 35 was hardly a bad score!


She had a few down show jumping, which didn't really reflect how nice a round she jumped, but I suppose she is still a big weak baby, so not every round can be perfect!


Crunchie was absolutely flying round the cross country course, and when she got to the sunken road at fence 12, she pinged in like I'd expect. She was confident jumping down into the sunken road, and got a great forward stride up the hill to jump out over a big pole oxer. At the very last minute she went a touch green, but I was there with my leg and she seemed to take off as normal. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground! The only thing I can think of to rationalize the situation is that the shadows on the backside of the fence caught her eye at the last minute and she "ducked" as she jumped, like some horses do when they jump through owl holes. Anyway, she hit the frangible pin, which broke, and managed to stay on her feet (unfortunately, I ended up on my bum!).


Luckily, Crunchie doesn't have a scratch on her, and although I fell on my shoulder (and therefore didn't continue) it was just sore from getting a whack, so will crack on riding again tomorrow.


After all, Holly and Purdey are on at Milton Keynes on Wednesday and we're off to  Badminton next week! 

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