March 20, 2013

Well Lincoln was a wet one! Not as wet as Oasby, but this theme doesn't seem to be changing much! 

We had four horses ready and loaded on the truck at 5am Saturday to go to Lincoln. I put up the steps on the truck and went round to the drivers side. In the meantime, my working pupil Jess and my partner Tom jumped in the passenger side. Or so I thought. Jess jumped in through the side door and shouted for Tom to put the steps up, which he didn’t hear.


I turn the ignition on the truck and there is a horrible buzzer going off. I check all my gauges and that the air is up- everything is just fine. I figure in my naïve and impatient mind that it must be some electrical fault that is setting it off. So what do I do? What anyone would and pull the buzzer off the dash and yank the wire out the back!


Little did I know that the buzzer was to warn me that the steps were down. It’s a brilliant idea, to have a buzzer for the steps…when you know what it is for!  So off we trundle for about half a mile before I am slowing for a junction and we hit a lamp post. Needless to say, I was not in the best of moods and I couldn’t see the day going too well from this point!


It did get better, but it was not all perfect! I managed to forget my test on Purdey (however being as gorgeous and as lovely as she is she still managed a 33!) and have one really unlucky fence down despite her jumping her socks off. She flew round the cross country though, which for her first novice was amazing. She had more time penalties than I expected, but the most important thing is that she was great and got home safe and sound. 


Holly did a great test too for her first novice, and pinged round the show jumping clear. She thundered round the cross country, until the corner at the back of the course. The ground was very deep there by that stage, and it being her first novice, I think she just had brain overload! It was a lot to ask of her to go straight novice at her second event with me, but I am sure with so confidence giving this week she will fly round Great Witchingham. 


I didn’t run Arthur and Smartie as they are (or will be) for sale and as their times weren’t until the afternoon, I didn’t it was worth the risk. Being able to see a horse’s record when you buy them is great, but it does mean you have to make safe decisions sometimes when selling them. 

On Sunday we went back with Louie and Crunchie. Louie did a fab 33 dressage, which I was so pleased with. He doesn't tend to get the marks at one days, and having not been out since July last year, he was very excited. So I cannot wait to get him to Badminton now...he is going to do his best test ever there, I'm just sure of it!


Crunchie didn't have the greatest of days on paper. She was very fresh in her dressage as the snow was blowing into her ears, which made her shake her head a lot and then scare herself a little (silly I know, but true!). 


I wasn't going to show jump her, but as she was fresh I thought it best to get the experience into her. She actually show jumped brilliantly, despite having 3 down. She warmed up well, but going into the deep grass arena after warming up on a surface meant she had the first fence down. She then jumped round so well, just cramping in the treble for the other two. 


I was over the moon with her, because to jump in that mud at 7 over an intermediate track was very good. I am so excited for her this year! 


Thank goodness for my supportive owners and Jess for their help so far this season. It is tough out there in the mud, and these days seem to last a lot longer than normal, so I have everything to thank them for!


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