I have always been clear in my desire to run a relatively small string of horses. This allows me the time to really get to know my horses and form a strong partnership, which helps me to maximise the potential of each horse.


Producing horses to the very top of our sport is a process that takes years and I couldn’t do this without the help of my team. The most important  part of my team are my loyal, understanding and supportive owners.

I can never thank them enough.

We make the experience of owning an event horse enjoyable and exciting, whilst always putting your horses best interests and development first. It means so much to be able to share these unforgettable experiences with people who are as passionate about their horses and eventing as we are.


Our owners are always integral to their horse’s success - all decisions and planning is made with both the horse and owner’s best interests in mind. We have a fantastic time travelling throughout the UK and Europe with our owners, the highs and lows of our sport keep us motivated to improve every aspect of what we do.


If you think your horse’s calling is in the world of eventing, or if you would like help in sourcing an event horse,

click here to get in touch or send me an email






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